The Trouble with Flies

Fly Fact 1

Fly impact on feedlot profitability can be measured within an economic threshold defined as the level of flies in which the economic loss is equal to the cost of controlling.

Fly Fact 2

The economic injury level for feeder cattle is when the stable fly population reaches an average of about five flies per front leg.

Fly Fact 3

The economic threshold of just five flies per animal showed a reduction in feed efficiency that resulted in an average loss of $8.51 per animal per season.


Adding ClariFly® Larvicide in a feedlot's mix is a consistent way to ensure that there is always something being done to control nuisance flies. Because of the nature of the confinement and the constant rotation of cattle, fly control can be a challenge on a feedlot. Unchecked, fly populations can grow quickly and have a direct effect on cattle feeding and weight gain. Diligent attention to integrated pest management (IPM) practices and ClariFly® Larvicide can help keep feedlot cattle fly free and on feed.

Contact your feed distributor today to implement ClariFly® Larvicide into feed to help protect your cattle from flies.