Proven Fly Control
In One Easy Step

As a feed additive, ClariFly® Larvicide is incorporated into an animal’s feed to stop flies in their larval stage. Adding this ingredient to their feed ration is all the work an employee needs to do to reduce disease-carrying fly populations on an operation.


Do’s and Don’ts for Summertime Cattle Comfort

It’s essential for cattle producers to implement a plan to keep their cattle cool, healthy, and productive throughout the summer. Read about some tips for promoting cattle comfort in the hottest conditions.

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Fly-Free Cattle Starts Here

Control nuisance flies that cause discomfort on your dairy farm. ClariFly® Larvicide protects from disease-carrying flies that feed on dairy cattle, including house flies, stable flies and horn flies. Adding this feed-through as part of an IPM program can have a major impact on dairy cattle productivity.
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Protect Your Pig Operation

Learn how to improve the biosecurity for your swine operation with ClariFly® Larvicide. This form of IGR fly control protects from flies that carry diseases and jeopardize the health of your pigs, employees and bottom line.
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Fight The Flies That Feed On Your Horses

Biting Flies are among the most common issues that affect the well-being of your horses. ClariFly® Larvicide is the first step towards improving equine comfort and keeping nuisance flies out of your stables. Learn how this easy-to-use fly control can improve your horses’ quality of life.
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Fly Control For Greener Beef-Pastures

To control manure-breeding flies, all cattle on your premises need to consume adequate quantities of ClariFly® Larvicide every day. Protect your beef cow performance with a feed-through that stops flies in their larval stage.
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Season-Long Feedlot Protection

Fly management programs on beef-feedlots need to be proactive. Fly populations carry diseases that lead to things like heat stress and weight gain in beef cows. ClariFly® Larvicide works to improve beef cow performance by eliminating those nuisance flies that hinder it.
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Shelter Your Sheep & Goats

When your sheep and goats are less agitated, they stay on feed and are more productive. Starting an IPM program that includes the in-feed fly control of ClariFly® Larvicide will help protect your animals and increase your operational output.
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