What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest control strategy that uses an array of complementary methods: natural predators and parasites, pest-resistant varieties, cultural practices, biological controls, various physical techniques, and pesticides as a last resort. It is an ecological approach that can significantly reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides.

ClariFly® Larvicide should be used as part of an integrated pest management program aimed at reducing fly populations in the livestock’s environment. Adult house and stable flies can breed in decaying organic matter or silage. Good sanitation practices, such as cleaning up spilled feed and preventing manure build up around barns and fences or under feed bunks, will eliminate breeding sites for these flies.

Adult flies can also migrate from other areas. In these situations, supplemental fly control measures may be needed in and around barns, calf pens, and dry lots. On-animal and premise insecticide applications and/or the use of traps and baits may be necessary to control these migrating adult flies. Visit StarbarProducts.com for more information.


  • Inspection
  • Education
  • Set Thresholds
  • Training


  • Sanitation Control
  • Non-Insecticidal Control
  • Chemical Control
  • Biorational Control


  • Assessment
  • Documentation
  • Rotation



Inspect your operation and find the areas with the heaviest fly populations. Learn the most economical means for minimizing fly damage through various control measures. Set a threshold where fly populations and environmental conditions dictate that action must be taken. Train your operation’s employees on the plan.



Keep livestock areas as clean and dry as possible. Flies lay their eggs in manure, decaying silage, spilled feed and soiled bedding. Areas that are clean, well ventilated, and relocated with regularity will address a major breeding area for flies. Feed storage areas, bunks and water troughs should be kept in repair, clean, and as dry as possible. Keep grass and weeds around barns, feeders, hutches, and manure piles cut low. Overgrown areas provide an ideal resting and breeding ground for flies.

Non-Insecticidal Controls

The Starbar® line of sticky traps and jug traps can be used for controlling adult flies. Traps are good for areas where chemical control is out of the question such as milking parlors and feeding areas.

Chemical Controls

Scatter baits such as QuikStrike®, Golden Malrin®, and Cyanarox® from Starbar® products, are a form of chemical control that can be used around dumpsters, equipment barns and other non-sensitive areas (consult label).

Bio-rational Controls

Incorporate ClariFly® Larvicide into your livestock feed mix.



Keep track of fly populations with speck cards and Starbar® jug and sticky traps.


Document your progress with a concise record of locations, conditions and action taken.

Rotate traditional chemical control products such as QuikStrike®, Golden Malrin® and Cyanarox® scatter baits to fight fly resistance.