Your Quiz Results: Get the Correct Answers with Explanations

Thank you for taking our quiz, Fly Control and Horse Comfort: Are You Doing All You Can? 
Based on your responses compared with the answers below, you’re ready to learn more about ClariFly® Larvicide. 

1. Clearing out fly breeding sites is an important part of fly control. Which of the following areas serve as fly breeding sites? Check all that apply.
a. Dusty ledges
b. Standing water
c. Manure
d. Moist bedding

Answers: b, c, d
Explanation: Different flies breed in different areas, but be sure to remove these sites with 
proper sanitation.

2. True or False: Different fly species require different types of treatments.

Answer: True
Explanation: Treatments are designed to work with the unique ways different species eat, breed and rest. Because of this, species identification is crucial to control.

3. Which of the following equine diseases are spread by flies? Check all that apply.
a. Salmonella
b. Epiphysitis
c. Vesicular stomatitis
d. Bracken poisioning
e. Pigeon fever

Answers: a, c, e
Explanation: Flies can cause infectious diseases to spread quickly and transmit blood from one creature to the next.

4. True or False: Integrating a feed-through larvicide into your fly control program requires significant amounts of added labor. 

Answer: False
Explanation: Once feed-through larvicides such as a ClariFly® Larvicide are blended into feed mixes, they require no extra labor. Feed distributors are often able to blend the feed mixes for you. 

5. Which of the following practices could be part of an IPM program? Check all that apply.
a. Fly sheets and masks
b. Keeping horses close to cattle
c. Proper sanitations
d. Fly baits and sprays
e. Feed-through fly control

f. A watchdog

Answers: a, c, d, e
Explanation: There are multiple fly control methods, many of which work best when combined. 

Ready to give your horses a break from flies? Bring ClariFly® Larvicide into your IPM program. This feed-through fly control product prevents the emergence of house, stable, face and horn flies by breaking the flies’ life cycles as opposed to direct toxicity. 

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