The Trouble with Flies

Fly Fact 1

Biting flies play a key role in the development of “summer sores”- non-healing skin lesions, characterized by intense itching and the formation of exuberant granulation tissue (proud flesh).

Fly Fact 2

Stable flies will feed on blood from horses and practically any warm-blooded animal including humans, pets and other livestock. Their bites are very painful and can send a horse into a frenzy.

Fly Fact 3

Horn flies feed on the shoulders, neck, withers and abdomen of horses. Horn flies often feed on the ventral midline and can be a cause of midline dermatitis - an inflammation of the skin characterized by extreme itching and irritation.



Equine fly control is not so much an issue of economics as it is quality of life. Fly populations can get out of control quickly, it is important to have an integrated pest management program (IPM) in place that includes ClariFly® Larvicide. Parasitic flies attack horses in areas where they are not able to defend themselves, inflicting painful bites as they draw blood meals. This severely affects equine comfort and can be a threat to their health. Incorporating Clarifly® Larvicide into your equine mineral tubs will help improve the life of your animal as well as the environments where they live.

Contact your feed distributor today to implement ClariFly® Larvicide into feed to help protect your horses from flies.


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