Fly management programs on feedlots and pastures need to be proactive. When cattle are less agitated, they stay on feed and are more productive.

  • The Enemy
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  • How ClariFly® Larvicide can help
Face Fly
Stable Fly
Horn Fly
House Fly

Fight The Flies That Cause Your Cattle Discomfort

Stable flies, horn flies, house flies and face flies could all have an impact on beef cattle development. Unchecked, fly populations can grow quickly and have a direct effect on cattle feeding and weight gain.

Impact flies can make on Beef Cattle

  • Reduced weight gain
  • Changes in grazing patterns
  • Decreased feed efficiency
  • Disease – Pinkeye and Heifer Mastitis

Horn flies are one of the biggest threats to beef cattle. They feed on the cows’ blood and are also linked to reduced calf weaning weights. Stable flies also feed on the blood of the animal causing similar problems as a horn fly.

Face flies, although non-biting, can also spread disease. They cluster around the cow’s eyes, mouth, nose or any open wounds to feed on fluids. Face flies are the primary vector of Moraxella bovis, the causative agent of pinkeye in cattle.

Interrupting The Fly Life Cycle

ClariFly® Larvicide is most effective as part of an IPM program built around planning, implementation and evaluation in a feedlot or on pasture. ClariFly® Larvicide goes to work in manure, stopping larval development and decreasing fly populations.



Horn flies can take up to 40 blood meals a day, affecting cattle weight gain and production.

50 - 60


When stable fly populations reach 50-to-60 stable flies per animal, you can see a dramatic reduction in performance.


ClariFly® Larvicide Concentrate 8%

ClariFly® Larvicide Manufacturing Use Product 8% is a specially formulated granular material for use in cattle, horse, swine, sheep and goat products.

ClariFly® Larvicide Livestock Premix 0.67% 50lb

ClariFly® Larvicide Livestock Premix 0.67% is intended for blending into feeds or supplements for beef and dairy cattle, equine, swine, sheep and goat rations to control listed fly species.

ClariFly® Larvicide Blocks and Tubs (0.01%, 0.02%, 0.04%, 0.08%)

Begin using ClariFly® Larvicide in your blocks and tubs early in the spring, 30 days before flies begin to appear. Continue usage throughout the summer and into the fall until 30 days after the first frost.

ClariFly® Larvicide Livestock Premix 0.04%

ClariFly® Larvicide Livestock Premix 0.04% prevents the emergence of adult house flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies from manure of treated cattle, horses and swine.




Discover why ClariFly® Larvicide and Altosid® IGR are the most environmentally and economical feed-through fly control products on the market.
More Than Just Fly Control 
Learn how to protect the well-being of your animals through an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to combat nuisance flies.
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