Stay up to date with the latest information, tips and tricks on how to help protect your operation from flies with ClariFly® Larvicide and an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

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  • Don’t Let Flies Take Your Prize

    With ClariFly® Larvicide, you can spend less time on fly control and more time clearing space on your wall for that top prize.

  • Meet the House Fly

    Control house flies through a combination of strategies and products to keep your animals comfortable and prevent common health effects and diseases.

  • Meet the Stable Fly

    To control stable fly populations and protect against diseases, learn how to identify these biting flies and look for signs of common diseases in your animals.

  • Meet the Horn Fly

    Control horn fly populations and protect against diseases by learning the signs and implications of the most common diseases spread by horn flies.

  • Meet the Face Fly

    Controlling face flies on cattle through a combination of strategies and products keeps the animals comfortable, prevents diseases, and improves weight gains.

  • Do’s and Don’ts for Summertime Cattle Comfort

    Implement a plan to keep cattle cool, healthy, and productive throughout the summer. Here are some tips for promoting cattle comfort in the hottest conditions.

  • ClariFly® Larvicide Controls More Fly Species on More Animals

    ClariFly® is the only feed-through product on the market labeled to control four types of flies on five different animal species.

  • Biosecurity Basics: Best Practices for a Successful Program

    There are many ways to foster a strong foundation for your biosecurity program. Follow these steps to protect your livestock from diseases spread by flies.