Boost Your Fly Control Efforts with an Integrated Pest Management Strategy

To protect the well-being of their cattle and avoid lost production, dairy operators should implement a thorough Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to combat nuisance flies.

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To protect the wellbeing of their cattle and avoid lost production, dairy operators should implement an IPM program to combat nuisance flies.

New Research Confirms Flies Can Spread Diseases to Pigs

After leading a research initiative to explore the connection between swine disease and flies, Central Life Sciences has confirmed a groundbreaking revelation for the swine industry - flies can infect pigs with diseases including PEDV and Senecavirus A.

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Protect Your Herd Against Mastitis

Every dairy operator knows how devastating mastitis can be once present in a herd. Without a proper fly management program in place, fly populations can quickly explode and with them, the spread of costly diseases like mastitis.

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Feed Through 101: How do Larvicides Work?

A fly infestation on a dairy is more than just a nuisance— it’s a real problem. House, stable, face and horn flies are all known to spread disease, interfere with weight gain and hinder milk production, hurting your bottom line.

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“Cattlemen to Cattlemen” Segment Shows How ClariFly® Larvicide Keeps Dairy Cows Comfortable and Productive

See why this Missouri dairy operator saw a return on investment “pretty quick” with ClariFly® Larvicide in this recent segment highlighting Central Life Sciences.

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How to Get Rid of Flies with the 30/30 Approach

Effective control of flies on livestock should start with a feed-through fly control solution, such as ClariFly® Larvicide. To get the most out of these products for the control of house flies, stable flies and face flies, applications should start before spring weather hits.

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