The Trouble with Flies

Fly Fact 1

Nutrient demand increases as a direct response to blood loss. When the blood-feeding fly population is significant enough to cause the cow’s body to divert nutrients into replacing lost blood, milk production may suffer.

Fly Fact 2

Flies transmit diseases including anthrax, brucellosis and tuberculosis, as well as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus mastitis infections.

Fly Fact 3

On average, 1 adult cow can produce up to 148 lbs of manure a day - providing a perfect breeding ground for flies.



Nuisance flies are a vector of disease and an irritant to cattle on a dairy operation, as well as to the people that work on the operation. Because of the confined nature of a dairy, it is important that ClariFly® Larvicide is part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program for effectively controlling fly populations. To be fully effective, it is important to start ClariFly® Larvicide in milk and milk replacer at the calf stage and continue it through adulthood. If you don’t, the flies that start in calving hutches can quickly spread throughout a dairy, making all IPM efforts ineffective.

Contact your feed distributor today to implement ClariFly® Larvicide into feed to help protect your dairy cows from flies.