ClariFly® Larvicide: Frequently Asked Questions for Equine

Q: What is ClariFly® Larvicide?
A: ClariFly® Larvicide is an EPA registered feed additive larvicide that controls house and stable flies from developing in the manure of treated animals.

Q: What is the mode of action of ClariFly® Larvicide?
A: Insects have an external skeleton (exoskeleton) made of chitin. The active ingredient in ClariFly® Larvicide targets immature flies by either contact or ingestion, and inhibits the deposition of chitin during molting. Without a functioning exoskeleton, the larvae die before they can become breeding adult flies that can bother workers or animals. Since mammals do not have any chitin, ClariFly® Larvicide only affects the insect population in a horse barn.

Q: How long does ClariFly® Larvicide stay in the manure?
A: The half-life of the active ingredient in soil is less than seven days.

Q: What species of animals can be fed ClariFly® Larvicide?
A: ClariFly® Larvicide is approved for swine, horses, beef and dairy cattle.

Q: Why is ClariFly® Larvicide registered with the EPA, when most feed additives are under FDA governance?
A: ClariFly® Larvicide is an EPA registered product because the activity takes place outside of the animal. Products whose activity takes place inside the animal, such as dewormers for the control of internal parasites, are regulated by the FDA.