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Protect Your Swine Operation with ClariFly® Larvicide, Now with a New Inclusion Rate for Gestating Sows

Protect against Disease-Carrying Flies by Feeding ClariFly® Larvicide

Flies, such as the dark-eyed fruit fly, remain an issue throughout the winter in swine operations. Combine ClariFly® Larvicide 267 with proper IPM practices in breeding, gestation, and farrowing buildings, as well as nurseries and finishers to maximize protection against flies and Indian meal moths.

Get Continuous Fly Control

Flies can transmit diseases including PEDV to pigs.

ClariFly® Larvicide 267 helped one finishing swine operation achieve a 99% reduction in house flies.

NEW clearance for gestating sows makes ClariFly® Larvicide 267 even more affordable to maximize protection against flies.


ClariFly® Larvicide is proven to prevent the development of house flies in treated manure by 96.7%






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