Fly-Free Horses: A Healthier, Happier Life

You love your horses, and want to give them the best life possible, so you need a solution to help control flies. Flies attack horses in areas where they are not able to defend themselves, inflicting painful bites as they draw blood meals. This affects their comfort and can pose a threat to their health.

Despite their reputation for annoyance, house flies play a substantial role as disease vectors. When their numbers spiral out of control, their mere presence induces considerable stress in horses. Stable flies, on the other hand, are not selective in their blood-feeding habits, targeting horses and virtually any warm-blooded creature, including humans, pets, and other livestock. The painful bites inflicted by stable flies can send a horse into a frenzied state.

Some of the most common equine diseases spread by house and stable flies include pigeon fever, summer sores, and equine granular dermatitis. Preventing horse diseases and protecting the overall health and comfort of the animal requires consistent care and a wide range of dedicated efforts, including fly control.

Controlling house and stable flies through a combination of strategies and products keeps the animals comfortable and helps prevent common health effects and diseases in livestock. Implementing a proactive, integrated pest management (IPM) program incorporating ClariFly® Larvicide will help prevent stable fly populations from rapid growth.

To most effectively control flies on horses, consider a comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM) program built around ClariFly® Larvicide, a feed-through solution for the control of house and stable flies. When fed correctly, ClariFly® Larvicide decreases the development of flies in the manure of treated animals by as much as 96.7%. ClariFly® Larvicide is available in blocks, tubs or top dress feeds for horses. Learn more in our Equine Brochure.

By investing in fly control and staying informed about the best practices, you not only enhance the comfort of your horses but also contribute significantly to their long-term health and happiness.

Learn more about protecting horses from disease and stress from flies in the video below!