Protect Your Pigs and Profits

Pig operations face numerous insect infestations, but the common house fly is particularly troublesome as it significantly threatens profitability. The house fly has been implicated in the transmission of 65 disease organisms, such as PEDv, Seneca Valley Virus, and PRRS, which can quickly spread through a pig operation due to the close proximity of pigs. Another house fly-associated economic threat to swine facilities is nuisance lawsuits. If left untreated, the house fly’s prolific reproduction rate can spread populations to nearby properties, creating complaints and generating potential fines or lawsuits from neighboring communities. Also, heavy fly infestations create an unhealthy working environment and causes rapid employee turnover.

ClariFly® Larvicide will not directly affect swine health or production, but it will take care of the nuisance flies that do. Flies cause physical and emotional stress on pigs, reducing weight gain and overall health. Studies have shown that reduced fly populations can improve feed efficiencies. When swine are less agitated, they stay on feed and are more productive. Protecting your swine from disease-carrying flies will require a comprehensive effort designed to attack the pests both above and below the slats on your operation.

ClariFly® Larvicide is a feed through that prevents flies from developing in the manure of treated animals. Unlike conventional insecticides that attack the nervous system of insects through direct toxicity, ClariFly® Larvicide works by interrupting the flies’ life cycles, preventing them from maturing.

For optimal results, use ClariFly® Larvicide as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program. An IPM is designed to help protect your operation from insects through an array of complementary methods, including:

  • Natural predators and parasites
  • Pest-resistant varieties
  • Cultural practices
  • Biological controls
  • Various physical techniques
  • Ecologically-friendly insecticides

Fly management programs for swine operations need to be proactive. Practicing good sanitation, maintaining building repairs, and utilizing baits, traps, and sprays, such as those in the Starbar® line of products, in conjunction with ClariFly® Larvicide, can significantly impact fly control on your operation.

Protect your swine from harmful flies by implementing ClariFly® Larvicide into your pigs’ feed to ensure continuous control. Find a sales representative near you to discuss how to implement ClariFly® Larvicide into your mineral supplement.