Flies No More: Success Stories with ClariFly® Larvicide and Starbar®

As a feed additive, ClariFly® Larvicide is incorporated into an animal’s feed to stop flies in their larval stage. Adding this to their feed ration is all the work an employee needs to do to reduce disease-carrying fly populations on an operation.

Hear from some of our customers about their experiences using ClariFly® Larvicide as well as Starbar® products.

“At Tosh Farms, we say happy people make happy pigs! So, this is a product that will absolutely improve the work environment for your employees, and that has long reaching effects in your operation. At one point we tried different sprays prior to ClariFly Larvicide. When we started using ClariFly we didn’t tell the staff because we wanted to hear if they would notice a difference. Before long, we started hearing comments about how the flies were going away. Now we’ll be going into our third season of using it and I would never go back.” – Katie Sherman, Tosh Farms, TN

“Really for fly control, we’ve tried about everything imaginable. But ClariFly Larvicide has worked great. When we started feeding ClariFly, we started noticing a lot less flies. We haven't completely eliminated them, but it’s pretty close. Central Life Sciences has been really great to us and the cattle industry. We've had a lot of the support from a lot of their different reps. We’ve also used some Starbar products as a great complement to the ClariFly we’re feeding. QuikStrike is probably the best. We put those strips and pellets all around the barns and everywhere - there's no telling about how many thousands upon hundreds of thousands of flies we’ve killed with QuikStrike.” – Justin Barber, Barber Hereford Ranch, TX

“My brother is a Purina rep and he told me I needed to get ahold of Brian Hupp with Central Life Sciences. I told Brian, we are going to find out if your product is any good or not. We baited flies and we served a little over a hundred steaks right next to the feed yard in an open tent and there wasn't a fly to swat. I was beyond impressed with QuikStrike fly bait and the way it worked. We generally start ClariFly Larvicide in April, pull that off in September. And we see a substantial knock down in flies in that arena as well. It works in all aspects. During the summer, we get 40 inches of rain and most of that is going to come through spring and early summer. So, it’s pretty humid making it conducive to a terrible fly problem. We actually feed ClariFly through the feed yard and it does an outstanding job. We don't have a fly problem there. One of the things for us anyway in our operation that sets us apart is the relationship that we have with the representative, Brian Hupp. He's out at the farm identifying the flies that we had, the reason we were having them, and where we were having them. And he really went the extra mile in making sure that we had the product that we needed that was going to do what it was supposed to do and like I said, lo and behold, it did. So, it was pretty awesome. It sets them apart from everybody else.” – David Mareth, Circle M Cattle, MO

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