Swine Disease and the Importance of Biosecurity in Pork Production

When it comes to swine health, there's no shortage of challenges. Diseases in swine can arise from various sources, including viruses, bacteria, and even nutritional deficiencies. Given this, maintaining robust biosecurity measures is crucial in pork production. Central Life Sciences is at the forefront of addressing these challenges, particularly focusing on the role flies play in spreading diseases among swine populations.

The Threat of Viral Diseases in Swine

In the swine industry, viral diseases like Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) virus are major concerns. Recent research has shown that flies can significantly contribute to the spread of these diseases, acting as overlooked vectors within swine operations. Their ability to bypass traditional biosecurity measures makes them a unique and dangerous threat to swine health.

Biosecurity Plans

Biosecurity plans are essential for pork producers, covering everything from animal and feed equipment to human movement within the farm. A significant aspect of these plans involves pest control, as the presence of flies can undermine even the most stringent biosecurity measures. Flies can introduce diseases into the swine barns by bypassing standard safety protocols, making fly control a critical component in biosecurity.

Revolutionizing Fly Control in Swine Operations

ClariFly® Larvicide represents a significant advancement in fly control for the swine industry. When used as a part of an Integrated Pest Management program, ClariFly® Larvicide targets developing flies at their source—within the manure— reducing the need for labor-intensive adult control methods like spraying and baiting. This approach is not only more efficient but also more convenient, as it allows producers to allocate more time to other critical aspects of farm management.

Learn more about how ClariFly® Larvicide can support your biosecurity program with new developments for the swine industry to improve fly control at the video below!