Meet the ClariFly® Team at the 2024 World Ag Expo

Make sure ClariFly® Larvicide is on your list of things to see in Tulare during the 2024 World AG Expo. Stop by our booth #6303 to hear from our team of experts about the latest news and innovations that can benefit your livestock and safeguard your profits from fly infestations.

ClariFly® Larvicide stands out as a reliable feed-through product suitable for a wide range of applications. It serves as a cornerstone for any comprehensive insect pest management (IPM) program. Learn firsthand how this leading solution can be trusted by producers, offering unparalleled protection and contributing to the success of your agricultural endeavors. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your understanding of ClariFly® Larvicide at the expo and fortify your livestock management strategies, and also learn how Starbar® products can complement your IPM program.

Booth #6303
February 13-15
Tulare, California

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