The Trouble with Flies

Fly Fact 1

Horn flies take up to 40 blood meals per day, causing irritation and cattle discomfort.

Fly Fact 2

Horn flies are a known vector for the bacteria that causes beef mastitis, a disease that could have a direct effect on calf weaning weights.

Fly Fact 3

The economic losses from horn flies can be attributed to reduced weight gains, decreased feed efficiency caused by loss of blood and excessive energy expenditure to dislodge the flies.

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Ranchers need to do everything they can to protect their investment. Part of that should be controlling flies with ClariFly® Larvicide in the feed mix for time on pasture. Flies spread disease, hinder productivity, and cause stress - all of which can have an effect on beef cattle profitability. In a confined situation, house flies, stable flies, horn flies and face flies could all have an impact on beef cattle development. When ClariFly® Larvicide is part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program, fly populations can be controlled and beef cattle can continue to develop profitably.

Contact your feed distributor today to implement ClariFly® Larvicide into feed to help protect your cattle from flies.