Join ClariFly® Larvicide at the 2023 World Pork Expo

Join Central Life Sciences, the makers of ClariFly® Larvicide, at this year’s World Pork Expo on June 7th-9th at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa, for the world’s largest pork-focused trade show. Visit booth V357, where our team of experts is excited to share the latest news and innovations from ClariFly® Larvicide, including IPM management and fly control tips from our experts to help your pork operation maximize profits.

Fly management programs for swine operations need to be proactive. Ask our team about practicing good sanitation, maintaining building repairs, and utilizing baits, traps, and sprays, such as those in the Starbar® line of products, in conjunction with ClariFly® Larvicide, to significantly impact fly control on your operation.

The World Pork Expo allows producers to see the latest pork equipment, products, and cutting-edge technology designed to help them become more profitable. Learn more about what to expect at the World Pork Expo.

Controlling Flies with ClariFly® Larvicide

ClariFly® Larvicide is a feed additive that prevents labeled flies from developing in the manure of treated animals. Unlike conventional insecticides that attack the nervous system of insects through direct toxicity, ClariFly® Larvicide works by interrupting the flies’ life cycles, preventing them from maturing.

Selecting the right product formulation of feed-through for a specific operation is dependent on multiple factors, including the size of the operation, the animals’ weights and the intensity of the fly problem. The dosage of ClariFly® Larvicide is proportional to the pig’s body weight.

For optimal results, use ClariFly® Larvicide Livestock as part of an integrated pest management program. It takes multiple practices and products all working together to provide the highest level of protection for your pig operation.